Enjoy the deliciousness of the local mountains and seas, soaking in the magnificent open-air hot springs
An inn of hospitality that spins an elegant time
Oga Onsen Village. Tohoku Akita Japan
Oga Hotel, Oga Onsen Village (Akita Tohoku Japan)


Enjoy the breath of Oga in the four seasons
Open-air rock bath "Ishiyama no Yu"

"Ishiyama no Yu" faces the vast courtyard where wild flowers of the four seasons bloom, and you can fully enjoy the view from the open-air bath that changes its expression depending on the season.


Seasonal ingredients to enjoy at two restaurants with different tastes

We have two dining venues with different tastes so that you can fully enjoy Oga / Akita's seasonal ingredients and dishes that make use of traditional cooking methods.

Guest rooms

Admire the views of the four seasons of Oga from the guest rooms with abundant views

From the guest rooms facing the sea side, you can see not only the natural beauty of Oga, which changes its expression in each season, but also the Shirakami Mountains, a World Natural Heritage Site, on a clear day.


With scenic nature Namahage Experience the cultural climate of Oga rooted in folklore.

Natural scenery such as Nyudozaki, Godzilla Rock, Unshoji Temple, which is famous as a hydrangea temple, Namahagekan where you can experience and experience the world intangible cultural heritage Namahage, Oga Shinzan Denshokan, Akagami Shrine Goshado, etc. There are various attractions scattered around.

13-1, Kusaki-hara, Kitaura-yumoto, Oga, Akita, Japan

Oga Hotel

About 1.5 hrs from Akita Sta. on the JR Oga Line / in-house shuttle bus
About 1.2 hrs by rental car from Akita Airport

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Recommended as an accommodation base for the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains / Gono Line Resort Shirakami

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