We use seasonal ingredients to create dishes that can only be enjoyed at that time.

Oga has a wide variety of seasonal foods, starting with whitebait and sea bream in the spring, rock oysters, croaker, turban shells, abalone, and other Oga rocky shore delicacies harvested from barefoot fishing in the summer, Akitakomachi rice and fresh vegetables grown in the rich soil in the fall, and seasonal hatahata and anglerfish, which are synonymous with Oga's marine products in the winter. The best feature of Oga is the wide variety of ingredients nurtured by its nature. We serve dishes that can only be tasted at that time, using seasonal ingredients for each season that our guests visit, so please enjoy the sense of the seasons of Oga with your taste buds as well as the scenery that changes color with each season.

Oga's Ishiyaki cuisine; stone boiled seafood soup

This may be an additional option depending on your plan, so please check when you make your reservation. If you choose the ""Ishiyaki Cooking Plan"", please note that we may have to cook the food for everyone in the same room at the same time in order to make the food more delicious.
When provided as an additional option: 1 tub for 4 persons: 8,800 yen, 1 tub for 5 persons or more: 2,200 yen per person *Tax included.

Two dining rooms with different tastes

In order to fully enjoy the seasonal ingredients and traditional cooking methods of Oga and Akita, the hotel offers two different dining venues.

The dining room differs depending on the accommodation plan, so please check when you make your reservation.