An effective hot spring where you can soak in the scenery of the four seasons while loving it

The hot springs of this hotel contain salt similar to the components of seawater, and the salt that adheres to the skin after bathing prevents the evaporation of sweat, so it has a high moisturizing effect and is a very warm hot spring called "hot water", as a hot spring for beautiful skin. Is also popular.

● Usage time / 15: 00-24: 00 and 5: 00-9: 00

At the hotel, the hot springs are replaced and cleaned alternately by men and women over a period of about 5 hours every day so that the hot springs that have just been born can be enjoyed more luxuriously. Therefore, you cannot take a bath during the daytime replacement / cleaning work time. Please note.
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, comb, and razor (men's bath only) are provided as equipment in the large communal bath.

Newborn hot spring

The hotel owns its own source at a distance of about 500m, and you can enjoy the natural hot springs that are born every day in a luxurious way. The place where the self-spraying source basin is located is very shallow, about 10 to 15 m underground, so it is easily affected by nature, and its color changes slightly depending on the season.

  • Source name / Oga Onsen No.1 (Hot spring name: Oga Onsen)
  • Spring quality / sodium-chloride spring (pH 7.4)
  • Spring temperature / 55.4 ℃
  • Items that affect the ingredients / water (minimum water depending on the season), no heating, no circulation, no addition of bath salts, disinfection treatment (use chlorine-based chemicals for hygiene management)
  • Main indications / cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, chronic gynecological diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic muscle rheumatism, neuralgia, etc.

SKO group hot spring tour benefits

Implementation period / Mid-Apr. to mid-Nov.

Exclusive benefits for guests staying at SKO group !!
You can use the hot springs of 2 sister buildings for 300 yen instead of 700 yen for each building.

As a privilege for guests staying at Oga Onsen Yukemuri Resort SKO Group (Seiko Grand Hotel, Oga Kanko Hotel, Oga Hotel), you can enjoy visiting hot springs at a great price. Please enjoy the different hot springs of each building while taking a walk in Oga Onsenkyo.

  • Please purchase a bathing ticket for visiting the hot springs at the front desk of your hotel (free for children under elementary school age).
  • You can use two hot springs in the sister building with one bathing ticket.
  • Hours of operation: 3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and the next morning 6:30-8:30
  • It may not be available due to charter or maintenance.

One-day bath

We may not be able to accept your request due to congestion. Please check in advance.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are not accepting day trip baths for the time being.